Friday, September 4, 2009

sleep and writing

Sleep is for the weak. Or at least the sane. Or something like that.

My chance to sleep a few days ago was, of all things, thwarted by BabyBoy's latest skill mastery--the remote for the satellite box.

The XM music channels are really quiet. I had on one of those on the bedroom tv to filter out the noise of five kids and hub. We have a very small house, everyone's always on top of each other and there's always noise. Music is far easier to sleep to than children bickering and whining at Daddy.

Noggin is a *Loud* Channel.

BabyBoy has figured out how to autotune shows. (this kid reads very very well, doesn't talk so much but letters/symbols are an obsession of his so yes, he knows exactly what he's doing and what he's setting the TV for when he's autotuning, not just random happenstance)

Noggin is a Very LOUD channel. XM channels are anything but. Volume on TV was so the XM channel could filter out hub and kids...yeah. You know where this is going.

Just drifting off, and I nearly flew up into the ceiling as full blast "WUH WUH WUBZY!"

So much for sleep. If I get woken up or just have to stay awake past the "OMG gonna drop now" zone I can't sleep til it comes back around. Quirk of my own insomnia that I have a very narrow window of actually falling asleep.

I didn't know whether to cuss or cry but had to laugh at that. I just can't win when it comes to sleeping these days. He just might send me to an early grave with lack of sleep but the kiddo is precious. And yes, he loves Wubzy. He also tends to use our room as his hideout from all the noise and chaos of the other kids when it's too much.

Hub goes back to his regular hours (*knock on wood*) next week so hopefully all the crazy will, be less crazy, or at least I manage a full four hours sleep in a row.

I am about 10k in on a novella/not quite full novel length (probably about 40-65k done, no word-limits and I don't get along during initial writing nope nope I know better than to set anything less than that for an estimate range) See, this is what happens when I plot. I had skeleton of something plotted--this fell sideways out of it..looks at pile of notes for what is now possibly two projects.

The 10k is m/m D/s kinda quiet and angsty except for you know the hoarde of relatives kinda slipping in bids for their own stories in the background. I'm too sleep deprived to have any perspective at all and probably everything that's so far written is needing scrapped or torn apart but it's a start.

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