Friday, October 9, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Kittens in Need of Hard Hats.

I thought about trying to keep up with a weekly meme thing just to make myself keep this thing up (or attempt to) decided to do my own Friday End of the Week Round Up rather one of the memes.

The Good
~Word count accomplished this week, believe it or not even with all the general chaos.
~THREE, count them THREE nights I got more than four hours sleep.
~Theoretically good. Family pictures taken tomorrow. Mom has had her heart set on getting them done, hell or high water. So it seems we are. Mom & Dad, Sis & her fam & my fam. We'll see how this goes. BabyBoy doesn't do so well at this kind of thing.

The Bad
~BabyBoy acting up enough ended up called into school for an hour to help w/ him.
~Keeping BabyBoy away from kittens in laundry room.
~Radio saying there's 70% chance of rain-snow mix or just snow tomorrow. It's too dang early for snow.

The Silly
~Mental image of Kittens in Hard Hats.

There was a feral cat that had her kittens in our garage about 6 years ago. The 1 cat of that litter hung around here, midget cat that was feral as all get out. Girl slowly tamed little midget feral over *four* years. Cat never really left but no way you were going to pet her either. 2 years ago freezing miserable, littleFeralMidgetCat was crying at back door. Let her in cause she likely would have froze to death. She hid in the laundry room for a few weeks, but she actually used litter box and was good kitty, just antisocial.  She slowly got a little more social got got along with the Queen-of-the-House Cat. She stayed in the house over the winter, the spring ad summer, last fall took off out the door and disappeared.

This spring she showed up and had 3 kittens in garage. 1 kitten got ran over, 2 took off despite girls efforts to tame them. It took the summer to retaime midget cat (no, she wasn't fixed while she was in, we simply couldn't afford too, 5 kids, 1 paycheck, 1 thing after another it was on the "damn it want to but this that just popped up is priority" list because it is ya know, the kids. People trump pets.) The three in the spring were first litter she had (considering she spent most of her life in our garage and only unaccounted for last winter, fairly safe to say that) Summer spent re-taming her. We were attempting to tame the 2 remaining kittens enough to take them to a farm they were too feral for house cats but good little hunters in the making and would be excellent mousers Barn Cats. (TheGirl tries to tame stray cats, I'm sucker enough to feed em if they're right up at the door. If she manages to semi-tame one, to the point it could be put in carrier and transported, usually try to find farm they can go to with nice barn of mice to hunt.) ~sighs~ The two survivors ran off before they were at that point.

~sighs~ FeralMidgetCat is once again in the house, and had 5 kittens just last week. The runt is kind of sickly and that is worriesome. But these kittens are all Teensy. 5 of them and MamaCat is abt the size of a 10wk-3month old kitten herself even if she *is* 6 yrs old.

BabyBoy has discovered the kittens. He decided they were hungry cause they were meowing. Went and got a handful of the German Shepherds' food. Rained about 8-10 pieces of Old Roy down on their itty bitty heads. Considering the Old Roy pieces are about half the size of their itty bitty heads. Random silly chatting w/ friend tried to figure out how to get itty bitty hard hats for kittens.

This litter at least will be tame. FeralMidgetCat is back to as tame as she's ever been, rub your leg, sit by you let you pet her. She's friendly enough, just doesn't like held or confined & they're indoors so unable to escape love & attention from kids. Find them homes and hopefully nothing pops up that needs money more when time to fix FeralMidgetCat.

Kittens weren't hurt by the mini asteroid shower of Old Roy that landed on their heads, he just dropped it from a few inches not threw it at them. But yeah, they could prolly use hard hats.

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