Friday, May 29, 2009

Beginnings are a pain in the rear

Really nothing more intimidating than starting this thing up.  I'm a very shy person and all "hey this is me" start getting out there is, well,  nervewracking and yes, intimidating.

 How do you do an intro post without sounding like a dork or an egotisical jerk? Seriously, how?  It is that much worse when you could happily be a hermit as long as you had air conditioning, books and some way to write, or at least no one around to look at you funny when you start talking aloud to your characters and arguing with them to behave.  

Like me, and the mess in my writing files, this blog is very much a work in progress. It barely even qualifies for that right now as I'm trying to get it sorted out how I want it.

I also have bad timing and worse luck, since the economy goes boom about the time I'm ready, and more importantly somewhat able to concentrate on my writing and hopefully get published eventually.  

I'm Alisa, or more often 'Lisa I'm mid-30s and on the verge of my hair turning white and falling out over the next few years due to the interruptions in my writing--which I wouldn't trade for the world, but good grief there are some days I'd dearly love to ship em to grandma's for the weekend.

TheEldest is 14.   TheGirl is 13, and has more attitude than all her brothers combined. TheDuo--Blondie & Curly--are 10 and 9 What one doesn't come up with, the other does. Blondie's the more practical of the pair. Curly is...theatrical and argumentative. Kid ought to look into a career as an actor or a lawyer. BabyBoy is 7 and autistic.  Yeah. House full of tots/preschoolers was bad enough. If I survive house full of teenagers I'll be quite proud of myself.

TheHusband--well, he means to be helpful and lack of sleep and lack of being able to so much as use the bathroom without a war cry of "MOOOM!!!" through the door some days leaves me grumbling about him maybe more than I should. Handyman he is not. So we wait and stealth-fix things, me and the Eldest. And if it's beyond me and Eldest, then Poppa (my dad) is called and Poppa directs Eldest.

Then there's the critters. The OldMan out back, 14 yr old Shepherd Mix who won't go indoors for anything. Trips to the vet require heavy sedation doggy valium and are a nightmare then. The Doofus, she's a 5 yrold beagle who thinks she's a kid, will hop on the couch and arrange throwpillow with her teeth then grab blanket and tuck herself in for a nap on the couch. The Cat who likes to sit on my desk or my shoulder.

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