Thursday, June 18, 2009

No I haven't forgotten. I'm just--distracted.

Sure I can keep up on top of things. Yeah.

Summers are always nuts around here and BabyBoy has been on one of his insomnia kicks. Up until three, four, five in the morning which means mostly cat napping when I can and making the Eldest and Girl keep an eye on their brothers so I can catch an hour or so rest.

Sleeping when BabyBoy actually sleeps only works so far because of four various sized reasons-->Eldest, Girl, Blondie and Curly.

I actually have managed to read! Actual Books! That is a great accomplishment. I'm working my way through the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher finally. Both Eldest and Girl are chomping at the bit to get their grubby little mitts on them as well.  Eldest decided himself he'd read last because Girl reads faster than he does and he doesn't want to read with her harping is he done yet.

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